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  • Policy assistance cold chain logistics standardization and standardization

    The continuous efforts in policy make the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry fluctuate. In the new version of drug GSP, the standardization and standardization of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics has become one of the important contents.

    With the introduction of relevant national regulations, third-party logistics companies have begun to enter this industry, and some logistics companies have started to make some actions, including updating new temperature control equipment and improving the inspection rate of warehouses. Related experts said: the rapid development of third-party logistics is a trend of medical logistics toward specialization and standardization. The third-party logistics can be more professional and more focused in the future cold chain logistics of medicine. The professional third-party logistics of medicine will definitely become an important link of drug quality in China in the future, which has great potential for development

    Although the third-party logistics has started the preliminary standardization process, the main body of China's pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is still large pharmaceutical enterprises and their logistics enterprises. Some data show that: at present, the main purchasing power of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics equipment is still from large pharmaceutical enterprises, including sinopharma holdings and kyushu tong.

    As the market main body the pharmaceutical enterprises in standardization of the starting line has the congenital advantage, industry insiders said that the first party logistics dominate the market situation in the short term will not change, this is mainly due to the particularity of pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics, in the determination of pharmaceutical professional requirements for temperature and transportation environment makes the most of the logistics enterprises dare not rashly entered the market, in the circulation monitoring and risk bear also makes the first party logistics become the best choice of medical cold chain logistics industry, it also determines the first party logistics in pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics standardization of the future will continue to play the most important role.

    However, it is undeniable that the introduction of industry standards will inevitably eliminate a number of non-standard enterprises. At the same time, standardization also means the need for more professional enterprises to engage in pharmaceutical cold chain distribution, which also provides opportunities for some professional enterprises.